Welcome to the Redruth Town Band Website.

(Work in progress!)

Redruth has had a Town Band since approximately 1828 when groups of musicians were known to have peformed in the town and is still going strong.

The sort of bands that were around then were unlike a modern brass band though, as early brass instruments had no way of playing anything other than a harmonic series of notes, and were not therefore able to play much of a melody unless played in an extremely high register.

The first instruments to be able to play chromatically were Trombones, these were followed by keyed Bugles, Vials, Serpents & Ophicleides, most of which had holes covered by pads mounted on keys, rather like Clarinets & Saxophones, but on a brass instrument this often compromised the tonal quality, rather like trying to play a modern instrument with the water key opened.

So there simply weren't the number of instruments available to start up totally brass bands as we have them today, all over the country until about 1850. Most bands prior to 1850 would have been brass & reed bands, the brass instruments would have been Keyed Bugles, Trombones, Vials, Ophicleides & Serpents, which would have been joined by Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes & Bassoons.